Friday, December 01, 2006

I've Been Busy ................

And I just haven't been able to concentrate enough. Lot's of juicy stories and news out there, but I just haven't felt up to commenting on things.

Not sure what it's all about, but I'm sure I'll either get it together ......... or I won't.

The annual, "Holiday Season Freak Fest" that starts every year at Thanksgiving looks like it's gonna be a real winner this year. Fully 50% of the people in the ER's I worked at this past week had no good reason to be there.

It's been my experience, that spending any time wondering just what motivates these sonsabitches is time wasted. Logic only confuses things, when deaing with the Zombie crowd. I tell the younger Nurses to just put the logic gene in neutral, let it idle while at work and you'll deal with the societal leaches much better.

Having a holiday towards the end of the month always means you're gonna see a bunch of Zombies looking for drugs. The Zombie folks won't be able to fill their 'scripts till the first of the month. Not good, when you've dipped a little too hard into the candy jar of Narcotics for the holiday. And that equals LOTS of drug seekers. The friggin' list of complaints can really get creative at times and you have to give some of these assholes credit for that. Ok, I was kiddin' about that last part. I hate these friggin' leaches. If they put even 1/2 the time and effort into being a productive member of society, they could buy all the drugs they wanted to ............. for cash money.

All the years I used drugs, it never once occurred to me to go to a hospital and scam drugs. OK, maybe I wasn't an honor student in creative problem solving. I prefer to look at it as maybe I had SOME standards. Granted, the bar WAS pretty low, but I was then and remain now, superior to the Shit Eaters I deal with daily in this regard.

So There.

I've read studies that say 50% of all ER visits after 12:00 Midnight are Psych based complaints. I'd wager that's too low. It's probably averages 50% around the clock.

The Attention Getters are just warming up too. These Bastards are the reason you're left sitting out in the waiting room with your sick baby for 2 hours. Got that? Good, remember it and don't take it out on the ER workers the next time you have to wait.

The Attention Getters include, The Lonely Old, The Lonely Young, The Lonely Singles, The Lonely Married, The Lovelorn, The Broken Hearted, The I'm in a Bad Marriage, My Girl/Boy Friend left me 'cause I'm an asshole, and my favorite - the Teenage Girl Who's Daddy:
1) Never Bought Her a Pony
2) Never Gave Her Enough Attention
3) Gave Her WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY To Much Attention of the Innapropriate Type.

Now all these sorryass MoFo's can and do appear in various stages of intoxication. Drunk, High, Overdosed - either intentioanlly or otherwise, In Cuffs with the Cops, On an Ambulance Cart, or in a private auto, with their Special Attention Target already attached to them like a f*ckn' Remora.

There's just too many variations of this shit to make an inclusive listing. This is just to give ya an idea of what we're dealing with everyday of the year.

And it's just gonna get worse for the next 6 weeks of so. Yeah, Happy Friggin' Holidays to you too.

The Attention Getters will suck you dry if you engage them. They're like Psychic Lamprey's, sucking both the physical and emotional energy out of you.

You ever see a Lamprey? Check out that mouth and imagine THAT hooked into the side of your head -

Yeah, with that happy visage, I'll let it go for now. G-D, I'm gettin' burned out.

The good news? Nobody will be givin' any of those BS - "He was so quiet, I never would have expected him to go on a shooting rampage", quotes to the News People when I go off my nut.

That's a plus.