Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Strange Signs and Wonders.............

Around the GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker lately.

Sunday afternoon I swear I saw a Ford Tri-Motor fly over. I was sitting out in the Garage when I heard this odd sounding airplane. I was a bit slow getting up and to my field glasses so I didn't get the best view, but it sure looked like this-

I don't think I've ever seen one of those fly before and I geeked out a bit. My Brother took a flight in one a few years ago. But I'm not jealous of the lucky bastard or anything like that.

Tuesday, the same thing happened. I got a up a little faster this time and darn if there weren't two B-25 Bombers up there!

I guess there must have been an Air Show somewhere over the weekend and I was fortunate to see a few fly by here.
Nice surprise.

More odd things continued yesterday with the appearance of a Coyote in the field across the road. Now I see them fairly often passing through, but this guy spent the better part of the day hunting mice or some other small critters.

He was bit far away for me to take a shot at him but I kept the rifle handy in case he got good and close.
I don't have a lot of faith in my shooting skills right now so he'd have to be close.

That's basically it. Oddities viewed from my garage perch.
Welcome to my boredom.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Afternoon-