Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mark knopfler in Indy

Went to see the show on the 14th of July. Nice venue, the Murat theatre. The opening act was some Irish dude named Bam Kennedy. Yeah, I'd never heard of him either. Him on acoustic and an ass kick Mark Knopfler wanna be on lead. The wanna be was good and that's about all there is to say about that.

Like I said, nice venue. We had good seats on the main floor w/ a good line of vision. Middle of the floor, half way back. Good deal.

Till Bachman, Turner Overdrive sat down in front of us. SHIT! I mean, the place probably holds a thousand people and these 3 HUGH dudes got seats right in front of us. They were all real big, real loud, real "enthusiastic" and REAL Drunk. With a capital D. Not a good thing. It took these guys and their dates almost 15 minutes to figure out the seating arrangments. Up. Down. Repeat. Up. Down. Repeat. Up ..... well, you get the idea.

Now, I'm not a real small guy, about 6 feet, but I could barely see over Randy Bachmans (maybe it was C.F. Turner. I always get 'em mixed up) Friggin shoulder. Huge. Hulking. And they were waaaaaaay too drunk for my skinny ass to start mouthing off to. So, having a strong survival instinct, I kept my mouth shut when they kept Yelling, Jumping up and down, and slinging sweat in that excitment I mentioned earlier. It distracted from my enjoyment of the show, to say the least.

Mark Knopfler is as incredable as ever. Unreal how smooth and slick that guy plays. I hate him and would break his G** D**m hands if given half a chance. OK, so I got a little jealous there. Seriously, the guy can play. Real nice show. Played a good mix of old and new. Lots of songs from the "Brothers in arms" album. Had a good time w/ my Friends, Terry and Rita. I don't get to see them enough anymore.

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