Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oktoberfest .....................
The local version of Oktoberfest starts today. Bad food, Bad entertainment and Drunken Hillbillys. And no Babes like these.

I stole this picture from Ace to, sort of, set the mood. He's got a funny story that goes along with the picture, too.

I have not gone anywhere today, due to having another damn migraine. I'm getting to really hate these headaches.

I finally broke down and hit the wife's headache medications to get this monster calmed down as the stuff I have just wasn't cutting it. Subsequently, I've been asleep most of the day.

I'm gonna have to go see my Doc and see what he can prescribe me to keep around the house for when the next one shows up.

I'm feeling much better this evening, though I'm still a bit queasy. If it stays away, I'll be ok tomorrow and I'll be able to get back to repairing the Concours.

I changed the bad radiator hose yesterday along with two others. Had to pull the entire front fairing off to get at everything. That was not a fun job. Not fun at all. I figure, since I already have it off and out of the way I'm gonna go ahead and set the valves while I'm at it.

If I was feeling better, I'd have the wife drive me to Sears tonight and buy myself a torque wrench. I've rented one the last couple of times I've done the valves. My motto about tools is, If you have to borrow a tool more than once, you need to go buy one of your own. I need to just break down and spend the money and get one and quit being such a cheap ass. I'm probably gonna have this bike for a couple of years yet.

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