Thursday, March 08, 2007

Interesting Information You Should Know ............

Dan Riehl has an extremely interesting article which begins with this -

"If your employer began paying you 80 cents on the dollar, but, not to worry, the other 20 cents was going to support "good causes", thereby giving you value instead of capital, would you be pleased?"

I know what I'd have to say about it and it wouldn't be nice.

"If not, you won't like what Al Gore has been quietly planning along with his Global Warming initiative. He and others are working to achieve that very thing and to bring it about in a manner which doesn't give you a vote in which values your dollars end up supporting."

It's a long article with a lot of links. Take some time and go read this entire article. Tuck that info away in your brain somewhere. You'll be hearing more about this.

As Kim Du Toit, says today: "It may be the most important thing you read all day."

Where do they GET these ideas, he asked?

Photo above via - Another place full of funny shit.

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