Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Have Been Way Ahead of Things ....
As of late.

Today I got my Happy Ass up and off to work. Only to find that I'd looked at NEXT MONTHS schedule.

I did the same thing last month when I was making sure I had the Wifes' birthday covered.

Sheesh, 30 years with this woman and I can't keep my shit together.
The good news? I have a card already!
New flowers will be required as the other ones are looking a bit dingy.

Oh well, it was a beautiful day and I came home and worked some more on the Hoophouse. Looks like rain tomorrow. We'll see.

Chaps my ass that I could have gotten a good day of work in around here. At least I got a partial day in. Could be worse.

I'm gonna go start some more seed.

Gratuitous Motorcycle picture taken on my Barber Motorsports Museum trip a while back. Do those Friggin Italians know how to make pretty shit or what? -

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