Friday, January 22, 2010

I Think I May Have Felt ........
a Chris Mathews "Thrill up my leg" yesterday when I read about this poll in the comments at Ace of Spades.

41% Baron Hill (D)
49% Mike Sodrel (R)
10% Undecided

Today, Hoosier Pundit has a good recap of recent, Hill - Sodrel news.

I also added Hoosier Pundit to the links yesterday because he is always on top of things in this part of the world.

I called the Mike Sodrel campaign office yesterday and volunteered to work.
That's a first, but I figure I ought to do something except to send Baron Hill nasty Thank You Cards for his votes on health care, Porkulus and Cap and Trade.

I reached my saturation level with Hill when I went to his TownHall Meeting in Bloomington last Summer and he made his now infamous, "Moment of Truth" about who he thinks runs things in this country.

Well, it didn't help that the little shit was afraid to hold any meetings before that because he sees us as "Political Terrorists" if we don't agree with him.

Yeah, I've had enough of this clown. I'd probably vote for Beelzebub himself if he was running against Baron Hill.
Well, maybe not. But this guy?

Hell yes.
Have to be an improvement.


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