Friday, February 19, 2010

So Tiger Woods Had a Press Conference Today???????

Who the hell cares?

I'm pretty ambivalent about Tiger and his fidelity problems. No. That's not entirely correct. It's more like, I could give less than a shit about anything Tiger Woods does or says.

He's a non-factor for me.
In my life, he doesn't effect anything in anyway.
None - Zip - Nada & I suspect that's true of 90+ percent of the population.

So why the big deal about Tiger Woods?
really gives a shit about his personal problems?

And WHY would anyone care?

That's the part that makes no damn sense to me. He cheated on his wife.
OK. What the hell business is that of anyone else?

This kinda weird celebratory infatuation has to be a symptom of some sort of sickness.
I'm sure these guys have it covered somewhere
According to the APA, everyone's got a zillion billable diagnoses so there has to be something in all that BullShit of theirs to cover this phenomena.

But hey. I could be wrong about that.
Not real likely but possible i suppose.

Just an observation here on my part about, what seems like, the only topic or news in the entire friggin world today.

Yes, I know I've asked about this before, but I get an excuse to use my great demotivator again today!

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