Monday, July 19, 2010

I Don't Like Mondays.......

Maybe not that much. But that was probably as good a reason as any for doing what that little girl did and as good a reason for writing a song, too.

I was pretty close to blowing a gasket myself a short while ago. The wife, QueenBuffness, tells me that there is some water leaking around the refrigerator. Hmmmmm, not good. I pull it out and investigate and can't find anything wrong.

Shit. Sometimes it's better to find something wrong so you can fix it. Nothing.
I'm wondering if maybe it's because the friggin' Air conditioning, which was dicked up all weekend just raised the humidity level enough to screw things up with the fridge.


Shit, I still don't know. Of course, the Queen wanted the fridge put back where it goes, while I wanted to leave it out and see if I could see where it was may be leaking from. You all know how that went, right?

While I was pushing it back in place I must have pushed a little to hard -

Yeah, "Don't know my own strength." I snapped off the water line to the ice maker on the fridge.

Right BELOW the shutoff valve!

Oh shit!! This is where things kinda took on the, Three Stooges- I love Lucy effect. Would'a been funny if it was some other sorry SOB's problem.

I made a mad dash through the garage, picking up a couple of tools on the way and ran out to the front yard and shut off the water main to the house.

I must say I got this done in record time. But Damn! There was a fountain spewing all over the place the whole time.

What a friggin' mess. Must'a been 10 gallons of water on the floor when I got back in the house. So we got every towel, T-shirt, Rag, etc and began slopping up the damn mess.

Worst part is - I have ALMOST everything I need to fix it on hand.


And of course, It's 5 minutes to closing time for anyplace that has the one fitting I need and we're 25 minutes from town.
Shit again!

So, no shower for me tonight. Thankfully, we keep a supply of water handy, so coffee will be available in the morning before I run into town for the part I need.
It's good to be Prepped.
Wish I was just a bit more prepped for Plumbing supplies. One piece short.
Story of my life.
There's a joke there but I'm gonna let it go. Family sorta site and all that.

Anyway, y'all can laugh at my shortcomings tonight.

And I still don't know where the original water leak was coming from. I damn sure hope it wasn't something expensive wrong with the fridge. I've spent a ton more cash than I really can afford this week fixing shit around here.
Just about tapped out.

Oh well. I still have a job and that's a damn site better than a lot of folks these days so at least I will be able to get things fixed as needed and still have a house to stay in.

Sometimes ya gotta focus on the positives. That's a little easier now that I have all that damn water up off the floor.
I have to say I was getting quite creative there for a few minutes when it came to the use of swear words.

It's a gift I guess.

I guess I'll go lay my nasty ass down now without a shower and fix this in the morning. The good news is I can fix this and have the water back on pretty quick.
Hopefully, there's nothing seriously wrong with the fridge because I don't know shit about fixing that.

Off to the back yard to take a piss now. Damn it's good to live in the country!
Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Night-
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