Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll Take Awesome for 1000, Alex............

The US Marine Corps added one more item of Badassery to their already Badass legend during the retaking of a ship from Pirates off the coast of Yeman the other day.

Platoon commander: Pirate ‘sh– his pants’ after Marines captured him

“As soon as the first stack of [Marines] made our way into the bridge, their hands were up, their weapons were down, they moved to their knees and they were compliant,” Martin said. “At that point, they were pretty scared. One guy actually defecated himself. … He sh– his pants. I don’t know if that can go on the news or not, but that actually happened.”

We all knew the Marines were Badass Dudes. Apparently, this Somali Pirate figured it out in a big, messy hurry.

Full story here- Conway endorses force recon after pirate op

H/t to - The Real King of France

Just another chapter in the Marine Corps history of Kicking Muslim Pirate Asses.

I love me some Marines.

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