Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Work will begin here soon. Maybe....

I've been having so much fun with the Kawasaki as of late, I'm going to start putting together as many links as I can and catagorizing them.

First and foremost is the Concours Owners Group, or COG. A VERY active and helpful bunch there. They are located at - Check 'em out. The forum is where it's all at, if you have questions about this motorcycle.

I may add some other catagories too. We'll see. I'm still ambivalent about making this a job and the weather is nice, so riding has been a priority right now.

I anticipate tearing into the old BSA in the near future also. As funds permit, of course. Hopefully, Blogger here, will let me post a reasonable number of pics w/o any problem.

So, I can hopefully, provide a good clearinghouse of info for enthusiests of these Bikes. If you've got anything you think is relavent, send it here and I'll post it up. Thanks! UNK


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