Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Strange Things in the Mail Today ............

Winter isn't even totally on us yet and I got 3 Seed Catalogs today. Weird. I never used to to get Garden stuff till after New Years.

You don't think they're sending these out so you can make Christmas orders do you?

"Oh Honey, just what I always wanted. German Johnson pink Tomato seeds!"

Naw, I'm not seeing that. You would have to be a hella-va-lot braver than me to try passing off anything from a Seed Catalog as a Christmas gift.

Death wish, Fellas. Don't even try it.

Same goes for buying Her anything from the Craftsman Tool Catalog. Resist the urge to do stupid.

After 27 years with the same woman, buying her a Sewing machine is ok. But ONLY, if that's what she asked for. No tools or appliances without a direct request.

Enough of that, I'm gonna go start getting an order together!

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