Tuesday, December 06, 2005

" Homecoming" the Movie ..........

OK, I was already Pissed off today.

Dennis Lim of the Village Voice
Gives a full body tongue washing
review of Director, Joe Dante's
new movie, "homecoming".

A Horror movie, as Mr Lim says -

"In an election year, dead veterans of the current conflict crawl out of their graves and stagger single-mindedly to voting booths so they can eject the president who sent them to fight a war sold on "horseshit and elbow grease."

Director Joe Dante puts it this way - "This is a horror story because most of the characters are Republicans,"

Sorry Joe, this is a horror film because we're not as familiar with people coming back from the dead to vote for Democrats as you guys are.

If you have the stomach, you can read the review here:

Remind me again why it is that they get all pissy when someone "Questions their Patriotism?"

Oh yeah, they "Support the Troops". Sorry, I forgot for a minute there.


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