Friday, February 03, 2006

This Pretty Well Sums up My Feelings Today.....

There has been so much in the news lately that has pissed me off ....... Arrrrgghhh! Where to Start?

SHIT! There are just to many of the regular Assholes being good at really being Assholes lately for me to point all this goofy shit out. - democrats, radical Islamic Dickwads, The G** Damn NYTimes, most of the pussy Euro's, The Flippin' Turkish and US movie industry ........ and on and on.

I've written 2 drafts of this crap already and they both suck badly. I can't write anything when I'm pissed off like this. Too many stories going on in the last couple a weeks. I just can't keep up with the staggering number of leftist dickheads, and their antics anymore.

Screw it. I'm going out to the garage and clean the Concours. It was again up in the 50's today, so I rode for a couple hundred miles this afternoon. HA!! Global Warming to the rescue. The Garage is therapeutic. Too bad it's dark already, I could go fire off the pistol a bit and scare the neighbors. That always makes me feel good and keeps the local miscreants guessing. Heck, I feel better just thinking about it.


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