Friday, January 20, 2006

Global Warming?????

Who gives a shit? It was 55 degrees here yesterday and I got my ass out and rode the Big Blue Meanie yesterday. Yes, I got it all back together without any problems. Yes, I'm STILL sick with this cold and feel like shit. Yes, sneezing inside a full face helmet when your nose is full of snot is disgusting. I got out and burned some dinosaur bones for awhile anyway. In January. Hah!

Those fuckin' Dinosaurs driving their nasty ass SUV's musta been what caused the ice age anyway, so burning that oil and warming shit up made me feel good today. I guess the Ice Age ended because man learned to use fire and burned Ghia to death or some shit.

Like I said, Who gives a shit? It was nice and I rode in frigging January. I'll take that shit when I can, thank you.

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