Friday, October 06, 2006

Fixed the Concours Today ..........
Woke up this morning and the last of the Migraine flitted away with the rising sun. What a relief. Those things terrify me anymore.

Got after the Concours again after breakfast. I had replaced the bad radiator hose and a couple of others the other day. I had to pull the entire fairing off that pig to get at the radiator. First time for that job and not one I look forward to again any time soon. Major pain in the ass.

Being the kind of guy I am (read idiot) I figured I should just go ahead and adjust the valves on the thing while I had everything torn off. Actually, it went pretty smooth. There were only 2 that had slipped any since the last adjustment 10,000 miles ago.

added radiator fluid and bled the system and started putting it all back together again. It went better than I expected. The front fairing is a pain. The rest of the bodywork I've gotten used to.

Clint came by on his V-Star and we took a short shake down ride of about 20 miles. Burped the radiator again and topped off the fluid.

Listening to it idle, it sounds like I would have been ok not have messed with the valves. I'm hearing a bit of Clackity Clack coming from that area now. Shit. I'll end up doing that again soon. Yeah, I know - "Tappy Valves are Happy Valves" but this is a bit louder than " Tappy.

We'll see. I'm all done in for today. And a little PinUp Girl for you since it's Friday.


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