Sunday, October 29, 2006

Man, I Hate Narcan ......................

In EMS circles, Narcan is the drug you give to reverse the effects of Narcotics. Generally in cases of overdose, intentional or otherwise, in the ER setting.

For those of you who aren't quite sure what Narcotics include, I'll give a short, non inclusive list for ya. Some of these are synthetics. All non synthetic narcs originate from Opium. Here's a quick list.
Opium - Heroin - Morphine - Dilaudid - Demerol - Oxycontin - Oxycodone - Hydrocodone - Methadone - Darvon - Darvocet .......... and others. You get the idea.

The thing about narcs is that in a large enough quantity, or when mixed with, say .......... alcohol. They get the brain to a place where it forgets to even breath. That's a pretty big acomplishment, 'cause if there's one thing the brain is wired to do, it's to support the basic functions of life. It'd be a bitch if you had to remind yourself to breath all the time.

Guys with my attention span would never even make it to grade school age.

So what generally happens in an OD (overdose) is that your brain gets to feeling so good you quit breathing. soon after that your heart stops pumping regular and your brain cells are dying at rates even I couldn't have kept up with when I was a stoner and you friggin' die. But feel great while your on your way out though.

What Narcan does is sorta pushes the narcotics out of the receptors in the brain, blocking and reversing the effects on the respiratory drive. It's really incredable how well it works. You can have a flaccid sack of OD'ed Zombie Meat one minute and in no time you get a pissed off, Buzz Killed Zombie who is mad as hell at you because you ruined the best buzz of his life.

And then they WILL puke all over the place.

Not MAYBE puke all over the place.
WILL for SURE puke all over the place. EH.

And that's why I hate Narcan.

Had one today. Found by family and fading fast. We got a line in this Zombie and Narcan had him awake in only a minute.

And the nasty bastard puked all over the floor and splashed that shit all over me. There are times when I'd be ok with just letting the sonzabitches die. Damn. I hate it when Zombies puke on me.

But we do what we do, 'cause every once in a great while, one of those Zombie Shitheads decides to get their shit together and become a productive member of society. You can never tell who it's gonna be either. So, as much as I hate the SOB's puking all over me. We pull there chestnuts out of the fire and hope for the best.

But damn, I wish that shit didn't make them blow chunks all over the damn place.


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