Friday, December 29, 2006

Here's a Better Way to Support the Troops ......

Both Ace and SondraK had this info up yesterday, but I needed something here to offset the Moonbattery of those last 2 lefty hate fests posted below. All that wickedness will screw up your Karma. Sooooooooo. I think this is better than focusing on the negative side of life.

This young lady has created an old style PinUp Calendar for Vets.

Yeah, I'm sure this is much more positive.
Part of the proceeds (No, I don't know how much. Nor do I care) go to Veteran support projects.

I'm sure this calendar would look good on any barracks wall, so send one to your Active Duty Kids. They can also send one to a wounded vet for you.

Personally, I like that option.

I'll get this up on the links today. Maybe.


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