Friday, February 22, 2008

Like a Psychotic Tsunami ...........

A full moon always brings interesting shit into the ER. A full moon AND an Eclipse? Well that equals - Full on Zombie Madness.

It's always interesting that the goofiness starts about 2-3 days prior to the full moon and escalates up from there.

There must be some very powerful MoJo when an eclipse is involved. This past week prior to the eclipse has been unreal for Psycho activity.

Just about everyday we've been sending folks off to Sunnyvale Farm or some type of psych facility.
Two successful suicides and a larger number of "Underdoses" than usual. (A true Overdose to an ER nurse is successfully doing the job.)
And every dysfunctional Zombie and their family has been through here with complaints that date back to the signing of the Magna Carta looking for narcotics.
Along with an unusual number of folks of all ages, just up and dying. Young, old and in between. Strange.

Seasonal Affective Disorder this time of year doesn't help the prevailing Psycho situation any either.

Hell, I even get grumpier this time of year. But at least I had enough sense to go out to the barn and bring in the Grow Lights I use for starting Tomatoes and garden sprouts and they are hanging over my computer desk now.

Can't tell if the Grow Lights are helping my mood any, but my ear hair looks fuller and seems to be growing upwards in a photo-tropic response. So that's something.

My increased level of grumpiness, coupled with my tendency to run my mouth at inappropriate times, mostly the later, has landed me in a spot of trouble as of late. I mention this only in passing, no details forthcoming.

It'll get better as Spring approaches. Of course with GlowBull Warming, Spring seems to be aways
off yet. Non stop cold and snow here. Damn you, Al Gore.

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