Friday, February 01, 2008

OK, I'm still Alive ........
Maybe not much of a life, but I am alive.

I've been sick as a dog lately AND working extra. Yeah, I know that makes a lot of sense. I must of looked bad the other day as the ER doc I was working with said I looked like shit and made me take a prescription for antibiotics from him. They seem to be working as I'm still here. There was some question for a few days last week.

The clutch on my Little Blue Truck went to shit last week. Ouch! There went that Christmas bonus I'd been saving. Good news? I had the $$ and the Little Blue Truck is back in service.

Lot's going on around this here place and the blog thingie just hasn't been to high on the priority list as of late.

Lot's of funny shit going on out there in the world, too that I've missed making fun of.

It'll get better.


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