Wednesday, January 02, 2008

QueenBuffness Rocks with the New Browning Pistol.......
Last week I finally talked the Queen into shooting the New Pistol.

WooHoo! She rocks. It only took her about 2 clips to get over her fear of the noise and recoil.
Yes, we wear hearing protection but the larger caliber handguns made her flinch badly and she just wasn't comfortable with them.
This little .22 is just the ticket. Check out the paper plates we were using for targets.

(The holes at 12 o'clock are from the nails used to hold the targets up)

These were done standing at about 30-35 feet.
Keep in mind, this is only the 3rd time she's fired a handgun ever.

She rocks. Better yet, I extracted a promise for this to be a weekly event!!!

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