Monday, March 31, 2008

I Can't Express My Feelings.....
Today started out kinda crappy, but ended great.

How great?

Something like this: Winning the Lotto, Having a girlfriend who is a Nymphomaniac and her father owns a Liquor Store. And having a John Holmes sized Priaprism to use on her.

All rolled into one.

Yes. I got to rode my Motorcycle today!

It's gonna be my 4th year of having the BigBluePlasticKawasaki as the primary 2 wheeled conveyance in the garage soon. To say that I've grown accustomed to it would be somewhat of an understatement.

Due to mechanical problems with the bike and the G-d damned, "Global Warming" we've experienced here, I haven't ridden for almost 4 months.

That's just wrong.

It rained - AGAIN - till about 1100 am today. Which kept the fella with the bulldozer and the gravel trucks away again. It fucking SNOWED 2 weeks ago when he was gonna come and redo the driveway of the Command and Control Bunker. You would have to see the condition of this driveway to appreciate how badly I need this job done.

I was bummed this morning, to say the least. It started clearing up and drying out around noon. Hmmm... Maybe it'll get better?

Therapy Boy, the eldest offspring came by to help his Mom with a project around 2pm. OK, this is nice. Always nice to see the boy. And the Sun is shining.

I went out in the back yard and fired off about 200 rounds of .22 caliber love with the Ruger and was dialed in like a bitch. I attribute this to last weeks training session with, Mini-D that I should have told you about already. I'll save that for later, except to say that - He's a good teacher.

4:00 pm and the Sun is still out...... Hell, I walked out and checked the driveway and figured I could make it in and out without any major problems.

What the hell. Go for it.
Geared up and away I went.

I have not gone more than 30 days without riding since I bought that bike. The layoff of 4 months was bad. I really didn't know HOW bad it was till I got out on the road.

My damn face hurts from smiling.

No wonder I've been depressed. All the stupid, bad shit that's been going on over the last couple of months would have been a hell of a lot easier to deal with if I'd have been getting out on the Bike like I've always been used to.

If you think that's a silly notion.......... Piss Off.

You have no idea just how therapeutic it is to be able to just get out on 2 wheels. It's got to be cheaper than Prozac and way more effective.
Hell, I only rode about 25 miles. But the Sun was out and the temperature, while not real warm, was nice. High 50's or low 60's.
Shit. That's the real deal there. I wussed out and didn't stay out longer because I's left the rain gear in the garage and it was looking like it was gonna start raining any minute.
Dumb ass move on my part. It hasn't rained yet.

Still, I came home from just that short little ride and was physically tired. Not from any kind of exertion, but from the elation of being on the bike again.

To much happiness wears a body out. Who woulda' thought?

It took me all of about............. a 1/2 mile to feel totally comfortable again. I really can't tell you just how good it was.

And if you don't ride? You're never gonna know.

The weatherman says it's supposed to rain all week. - Screw it.
If I can get in and out of the place safely? I'm packing the rain gear and riding.

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