Friday, March 07, 2008

Link Dump Friday Night.....
Or Knowledge Dump.
You decide.

Today was a cold, snowy, Global Warming type day. Just nasty out, so I spent the better part of the day reading on the Interwebz.

My little brother, who comments here directed me to this essay a while back. I had already read it, but a reread was not painful at all. ON SHEEP, WOLVES, AND SHEEPDOGS

Good little essay on people. Where are you in there?

YerUnk received his Carry Permit a few weeks ago. As they say in the Spiderman Movie, "With great power comes great responsibility" Or some goofy shit like that. Here's a nice essay entitled What Bearing Weapons Teaches About the Good Life. Definitely required if you're thinking of carrying a weapon.

And here's one mans story you should all read - An Encounter At Wal-Mart
He's a guy who has thought of this shit for a long time. Have you?

I don't know what's going on with all the recent school shootings. But I know that when I went to college, I carried a handgun illegally.
Yeah, the statute of limitations expired on that a long time ago.

I went to school in Gary, Indiana fer Christ sakes. Just what do you think would have happened if some dumb asses had pulled This kind of shit?

"N.C. college's security drill with 'armed intruder' mistaken for real thing."
Only in circles of "Higher Learning" could you be so damn dumb as to conjure up that idea.

Continuing with the college theme, read this fellas - An Open Letter to the College Students of America.

I'm glad that none of my kids are currently in college. I'd encourage them to be armed. Even if it means breaking the rules.

Gun Free Zones? No thanks. See Yesterdays Attack in Israel as to why self defense in ALL settings is a basic human right.

Of course, the BBC reports the attack as An Accident .Ten young people dead by deliberate attack. An accident?

Notice how this attack was resolved? Armed students. Explain to why Gun Free Zones are a good idea again?

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