Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Projects Around the House.......
Well, 1 big project anyway. I decided that I should get the Garden going again.
Here's what's left of the old one after 3 years of neglect.

As you can see. Not much. There's a total of 6 raised beds in there. 3 of them had nearly rotted away, being made from old scrap lumber and the 3 made from blocks. Not much left considering what it once entailed.
Talk about neglect. Check out that place across the road. I keep hoping that the owners will bulldoze it now that the it's empty.

At one time I had big plans for the garden. That kinda fell off when the Docs told me not to go out in the Sunshine, as I MAY or MAY NOT have a nasty ass disease affected by Sunlight. Well after 3 years and one doctor killing himself - He never did give me a definitive opinion - I decided to go with the opinion of the one who wasn't afraid to voice his belief. "Do what you want. Wear sunscreen and don't worry about it".

OK. That's settled for now and I'm back out in the yard. I really enjoy playing in the dirt. Gardening, landscaping, etc. Sunshine is good for you and not getting enough has a bad effect on your well being that offsets the potential bad shit from a "Well, you may be sick" diagnosis.

Screw that.

I wanted to make the whole thing look nice and sort of, "Queer Eye for the Garden Guy" as I went, so I figured a fence would be the place to start. Now keep in mind this is a fairly large area. Approximately, 50 x 70 feet.

Cost over runs started before I even began.

Damn. Lumber has gone up a bunch since my last project.

I had a pile of landscape timbers I'd picked up for next to nothing and a few posts but that was about it. OUCH!

So here's where I'm at so far. This is way to much money so far and way to much yet to go.
Started with the street side fence. Note the timbers laying there.

These are being integrated all the way around the outside for flowers, grape vines, berry's and whatever.

2 sides up and outside beds done.

I plan on doing something similar all the way around the inside perimeter too. Not out of timbers, unless I can find another truckload for $5.00 again. Which ain't likely.

Here's the first bunch of new boxes. These replaced the old crappy ones which had disintegrated.

There's still a shit load of room for more and I will be installing more as the budget allows. Did I mention how expensive lumber is?

Here's Major, the newest addition to the household, inspecting my work.
He's a Hoss. 95 lbs and the Vet says he need another 5- 10 lbs to be "optimal". He was 70 lbs when the Boxer rescue people saved him from some asshole who thought food was optional. G-d, I hate people.

I'm about 3 weeks and a small fortune into this project so far. I can see this as taking the next, oh...... decade or so to finish. But projects like this become ongoing things and that's alright. It's good for the body and soul.
I've lost damn near 15 lbs so far and have begun to get a bit of muscle tone back and that's got to be worth a few hundred bucks.

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