Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Monday Evening ......
A little slow in posting my usual crap here. Worked my usual Saturday and Sunday and had a Monday tossed in there by the new schedule maker. I don't do Mondays generally, but sometimes shit happens. Had I known - (Read, paid attention) to the schedule, I probably would have tried to drop the Monday. Extra days are good and Lord knows, we can use the money. But since I didn't notice that it was scheduled till the last minute, I sucked it up and whined like a little baby all the way to work.

I had scheduled myself to be in at 8am this morning for annual training this morning, so working till midnight last night wasn't the optimal thing. Bah!

Yeah, I know. Sack up and quit whining. And I will.

I plan on getting a good nights sleep and getting started on the HoopHouse plastic tomorrow early. It's supposed to be pretty nice and with any luck at all, I can get it wrapped up and roughed in tomorrow.

This is good as the seeds are showing life and will be ready to transplant in about 2 weeks or so. I'm torqued for Spring this year.

Today's economic news -

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