Sunday, March 01, 2009

Total Chaos in the ER ......

Last night.
The place went from calm and not much happening to multiple trauma, Major head bleed, Respiratory distress, and pandemonium in about 30 minutes.

Of course that meant that we had to get at least one Drunken, suicidal asshole, tossed into the mix when we least needed it.

The only good news was that there were already a bunch of Cops right there who came in from the, "Drunken Teenager steals a car and leads Police on high speed chase and Crashes Spectacularly."

They were nice enough to help us keep, "Mr Drunken Asshole who really doesn't want to kill himself, but just wants attention and sympathy" from tearing the place apart while we tried to keep everyone else from dying on us.

Oh Yes, Kids. Good Times.

It's amazing that while there are EMS and Cops swarming all over the place and staff is running around like crazy - There's always 1 Zombie Asshole who will complain that it's taking us to long to take care of the child who has a fever.

Did they give him anything for that fever at home?
Oh, Hell No.
We'll just bundle him up in blankets - So we can keep his temperature really high - and run down to the ER and bitch because the service isn't as quick as that place with the Golden Arches.

It's always a challenge for me to remain professional when they pull that shit & sometimes I don't. I did ok last night and tried to explain that we had "Actual Emergencies" going on and the Doctor would get to his, "Unmedicated Fever in Zombie Child" problem ASAP.

No, I left the "Unmedicated" part out & I don't think I mentioned Zombie either.

Sometimes I find myself walking around quoting lines from "Night of the Living Dead". Zombies will make you do that.

It's Sunday and I expect more of the same today. Hopefully I'll be surprised.

After days like that I wish someone made "Viagra for Your Motivation."

Gotta go, Kids.
The Zombie Hordes are waiting.

And always remember that if things get bad -

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