Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Morning and the Rain Keeps Falling......

The GrumpyWife just left the compound and is headed to the big city airport for a trip South with the DaughterUnit.

Me and the Dogs are here on the ramparts watching over the Command and Control Bunker till she returns next week.

Assuming that the rain is not gonna wash us out that is. It's been raining steady for over 24 hours now and the little creek behind the house is doing it's best impression of the Snake River Rapids.

Some of the local farmers got corn in during the last week or 2 and it should be ok as long as it's not on the low areas and floods out.

Those who didn't get planted are gonna have a wait now. Unfortunately, once the rain stops it'll probably stop till September if the last 3-4 years is any indicator.
Farming is still the largest form of organized Legal Gambling out there. God bless 'em. They're gonna need it.

Lots of news out there, all of it bad so I'm not even gonna comment on much of it right now except to again exhort you to start gathering like the Ant for the hard times that are coming.
It looks like I'm gonna be stuck inside today, so maybe later when I wake up completely I'll have something. Not enough coffee yet.

Gratuitous Picture for this Morning-
Child rearing 101. Keep a firm grip on the little Crumbsnatcher.


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