Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Funny How Things Work Like This......
A week or so ago I decided to start playing my electric guitars again.
Last Sunday, one of my co-workers who plays guitar tells me about a friend of his who has a Fender Twin amplifier for sale.

Hmmm. He got me the number and I called the kid who tells me it's an old Fender amp he got from his Grandfather.

Be still my heart!!!!!!!

I've always dreamed of having an old Fender Twin. The prices, when you can find one nowadays are astronomical. They've been collectors items for decades now and the odds of getting one cheap are about nil.

Still, I have never liked the amp I've had for the last 25 years so even if it was one of the newer reissue, retro tube amps I was pretty sure I'd like it better than what I've got.

So I drove off the other morning with hope for a vintage Twin Reverb or some such at the end of the trail.

Twas not to be. This is one of the late 80's early 90's retro tube amps. It sounded great so I bought it.

Restrung the old Telecaster and played for awhile and realized ..... This is gonna take awhile to get it together again on an electric.

It's definitely NOT like riding a bicycle. Wow. Kinda like starting over. Not completely as I do know how to play, but it's gonna take some work.

I've been playing a bit each day and knocking the rust off.
I found a slew of, How To Videos on Youtube and spent a few hours farting around today and decided that I should just pick a song I like and learn it.

Here's what I picked-

The guy playing this has an instructional video that breaks the whole song down into small, slowed down bits that makes it pretty easy to learn.

The lead will be a real challenge as I've never been a lead player, but what the hell. May as well give it a try.

Can't suck any worse than I do now and can only get better.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Evening-

Damn. He paid money for that.



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