Monday, November 23, 2009

Did You Know ?????

That according to THIS asshole -

"2009 is also the first year of global governance, with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet." -
Herman Van Rompuy President, European Union

Howzabout a big, "Up Yours, Asshole" for Mr Van Rompuy?

We don't need any Global Governance.
We have enough political screwups of our own, thank you.

And our political fuckups are just that, ours. You fuckTards should just concentrate on ruining your own countries.

We don't need any help at all screwing shit up here.
Our American FuckTards are already doing a hell of a job destroying this country without your help.

So, piss off with your, "Global Governance", Herman.
H/T-Small Dead Animals

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Afternoon-
This calls for the Anteater.

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