Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Another Moron Monday......

Or, this is what I was doing today and deep thoughts on Horseshit.

Slept in like a Welfare Ho today and didn't get started doing things till late. It's ok. I never expect to get much done on Mondays after working Saturday and Sunday in the ER.

When I finally did get going I fired up the rototiller (My old one that I gave to a friend and borrowed back the other day.) and prepped a spot in the new (Revamped old area) area of the Garden & planted the pile of Asparagus roots I received a while back.

This area hasn't been worked for 4-5 years and I'd forgotten how much fun it is to break ground with a front tine tiller.
A lot like work.

Thankfully, I only had enough gasoline to do the area I needed and a bit more before the fuel ran out - of the tiller and me.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow I will do the rest of this area so prep in Spring will be easier. This ground has had a ton (many tons actually) of manure added to it in years past and is probably the best ground I have on the entire place. It should be just fine and do well next year. I have yet to find a replacement Horse Dookie supplier since my go to guy moved last year.
I really have to find another person with both, Horse Dookie AND a tractor with a loader. Old Bob would load it for me so I only had to shovel it when I got home.

And it's a hell of a lot easier to UNLOAD a truck full of horseshit than it is to LOAD one. That kinda stuff gets more important as I get older.

There are also eggs incubating in my closet. Jerry, the guy I gave the Tiller to, gave me a big bunch of hatching eggs Friday after I told him of my recent "Chicken Massacre". So they are now cooking away and hopefully, in a few weeks I'll have some chicks.
It's kinda late in the year to be starting chicks, but we'll see how it goes. If they make it through the Winter they'll be laying about time the weather warms up.

The 2 lonely survivors aren't laying much and I had to buy eggs last week. That's probably the first time we've bought eggs in 10 years.

That's just wrong and probably influenced my decision to go ahead and hatch out some chicks.

I always enjoy the incubation projects and baby chicks are about as cute as can be. Second only to baby ducks.

Enough for now. Time to go practice guitar. Relearning a skill is more frustrating than the initial learning and I've been procrastinating somewhat and that won't get me anywhere.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday-

Angels. They're everywhere.


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