Tuesday, December 08, 2009

WTF is Wrong With This Country??????

Tiger Fucking Woods was cheating on his wife and she clubbed his ass for it.

You're surprised?

And it's getting 24-7 news coverage for how many days now?

Who the fuck cares? Give me a break.
This whole story shouldn't matter at all to the general public.

If Tiger Woods was paying my salary or my mortgage, then I'd have an interest in this.
But he's just a young guy who makes his living playing a game and endorsing shit you probably don't need anyway.

Stop with the incessant news coverage!!
That's enough.
Seriously, if I have to stop this car you kids are gonna ........ scratch that. Reverted to child rearing days for a moment there.

This sick fascination with celebrities and weird shit like this makes no friggin sense to me.

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