Friday, January 22, 2010

A 30 Second Encounter ...........
Back in 1990 or '91 I had a chance run in with a Medal of Honor recipient.
I was walking out of the clothing sales building at Ft Sheridan and coming up the sidewalk was this stocky, older E-8 in his dress greens. His uniform had a shitload of ribbons and such on it and up on the top row was the "Blue Max" or Medal of Honor ribbon.

Now to a geek like me, that's sorta like running into Elvis or something and I was in shock.
Fortunately, I remembered my protocol. I stopped and came to attention and saluted him. Holding it till he returned my salute.

I also yelled out "Brave Rifles, Sir!" Even though I wasn't in the 3rd Cavalry anymore.
Like I said, I was pretty much in shock at actually seeing a real live Hero walking and I got a little brain lock there for a minute.

That was the entire encounter but it stuck with me for years.

I never knew just who it was and wondered about it from time to time for many years.
Most web sites with MoH info do not have photos of these guys, just the official citations and occasionally an old picture. So I never figured it out till today.
At least I'm pretty sure. But judging from the picture, it's a sure bet.

Sipsey Street Irregulars had a little post with a link to this video today-

In the closing moments of the video it shows a picture similar this one-

I stopped and did a double take, backed up the video and looked again.

Damn, that's the guy!
I finally found out who he was.

Roy P. Benavidez

Here's his Official Citation here.

When I was in 91A school, that was the Army Medic designation back then, the Cadre Sgt's had told us the story about this guy and his exploits so we'd know what we were expected to live up to.
He was a legend among Medics and I doubt I would have done what he did if put in the same circumstances.

Scratch that. My ass probably would've gotten killed right off the get go. No way in hell I could do what he did.

Sgt Benavidez was such a badass that The Navy Named a Ship After him.

I'm pretty sure you have to be a special kind of Badass to get a ship named after you.

So after darn near 20 years I finally found out who that mystery Hero was.

OK, Gotta go.
I got some work to do in the kitchen now-


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