Friday, February 05, 2010

Global Warming Wins Again........

Snowing like hell out again. Has been cold and raining-sleeting-snowing all damn day.

Remember that Spring is only about 43(?) days away. I'm ready.

Went to Lowes this afternoon and spent a damn fortune. Bought a water heater and a wood burning stove.

Got a good price on both of them, but Dayum.......... Lots of money.
According to the wife, the water heater was a definite need and I'm all about keeping the Queen happy. And taking cold showers because there's no hot water sucks. That's next weeks project to install.

The wood burner is something we've needed for awhile now too.

Just a matter of being ready for the next time the power goes out when it's cold.

It's happened before and one of the benefits of living around here is wood is pretty easy to come by for labor only. Not to mention how much it will help with the heat bills.

Still need to source the piping for the stove. And I know how much that shit costs, but it'll pay for itself the first time we have a power outage and over the course of a few years the savings will make it worthwhile.

Not to mention the peace of mind.

SuperBowl Sunday coming right up and folks around here are getting Indy Colts crazy. I'll be working so I'm gonna miss it but the wife can record it for me and I'll watch it Monday.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Night-
Even better than the knife.
The Swiss Army Tank!


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