Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This is How They Do a "Drive By" in the Country.............

I came home from work the other night around midnight and upon getting out of the little blue truck I heard Ducks.

I'm thinking, "Oh Shit. The door to their pen is open and all the chickens will be dead by morning as soon as the Coyotes figure that out!"

No. Not so much.
I was the victim of a "Drive By Duck Dropoff".

I had stopped at a friends house earlier in the week just to see how he's been doing and noted that he had some ducks running around. He asked me if I like ducks and I said of course and I didn't think much of it from there.

Well, maybe there was a bit more conversation about them, but it didn't occur to me that I was gonna inherit 4 more ducks in a few days.

But sure enough, he came by and dropped them in the vacant dog pen, told my wife that he'd "Brought over those ducks that, Unk wanted" and hauled ass!

I really don't remember showing that much interest in his ducks but I should have paid more attention to that look in his eye. Seems those ducks have been tearing up, both his and the neighbors gardens and he wanted rid of them bad.

So he did a DriveBy on me and I'm now the proud new owner of 4 fat white ducks. They're cute as hell and I moved my 2 others in with them yesterday to make 1 big happy family.

No pictures yet but I'll get some up in the next few days.

Hopefully after I get this computer sorted out and working right again.

Off to fight the Zombie Hordes in the ER today.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday Morning-


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