Sunday, September 19, 2010

And In the, "Don't Do Shit Halfway" Dept...........

Some guys are just overachievers.
Destined for greatness.

Like this guy-

"BLAINE, Wash. — A 54-year-old Washington state man has been arrested after police say he crashed two cars while intoxicated, then got in his tow truck and tried to move the vehicles.

The Bellingham Herald reports that Tommy Ryser was arrested and booked in jail on three counts of driving under the influence Monday.

The Whatcom County Sheriff's office says Ryser crashed his truck into a utility pole Monday night, abandoned that vehicle and got in his wife's Volkswagen but crashed that car into a guardrail. He then got his privately owned tow truck and attempted to tow the vehicles, even with a bloodied forehead."

H/T - Support Your Local Gunfighter

Gratuitous Picture for a Sunday Morning-


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