Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Busy Day Today............

But very productive. Check this out-

Sorry about the crappy cellphone picture, but that's what I had.

I'm pretty stoked about this finally getting all installed.
Hopefully will save a bit on the heating bills this Winter and it'll darn sure come in handy when the power inevitably goes some cold night.

Just like every Winter.
So it's nice to have a back up in place so we don't freeze our asses off.

I've got to get splitting wood. I've got some already split, but I'm gonna need more.
I've got a bunch cut, stacked and dried (Thanks to the drought around here) now. Just gonna have to rent a splitter.

My back won't take to much hand splitting, especially right now. I feel about a million years old for some reason. The back has been hurting bad for the last several days and I have no idea why.
Usually I am very aware of whatever dumbass thing I did to make the back hurt. No clue this time.

Oh well. Just the way it is. While it slowed me down some today it didn't keep me from getting this all done and increasing my Carbon Footprint.

Gratuitous Picture for a Wednesday-


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