Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Not Supposed to Be Like This...........

Via, Cliffs of Insanity comes this depressing story of life on the Mexican Border.

American Rancher X – Part 1

American Rancher X, Part 2

Good Lord. What the hell is going on with our country? A Narco State along the Southern Border.

"I put forth a theory to him. “I think these cartels are insurgents, really. I see what they do, and it’s the same shit that was done in Iraq, with a different motive. In Iraq, it was an ideologically-driven insurgency, an ideologically-driven attempt to replace the state. This insurgency here, it’s money-driven. Because these cartels need to operate without the state shutting down their activities, they also need to replace it , or at least control it as much as possible. So they do this by intimidating, bribing, and killing politicians, judges, cops, the military, journalists, and even the citizens. They wage a war. Mexico’s President said the very same thing in an interview with the L.A. Times a few weeks ago. He flat out said “We have to no longer view this as a criminal enterprise, but as an attempt to replace the state.”

As I read the above in the Dollard interview with Rancher X, I was reminded of what I have been reading in John Robb's Book lately.

Yes, That's an endorsement by the way. Buy it and read it. (Link to his website on the sidebar over there ----------->.)

There is something wrong when we are comparing the insurgency of Iraq and the situation on the border here at home.
I knew things were bad. I had no idea just HOW bad it is for folks. There's a lot of killing gonna need to be done eventually.

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