Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey! It's Tuesday...........

Looks like I missed yesterday. Oops. Busy working on the firewood project.

We had a little excitement yesterday afternoon, provided by a Zombie who drives to fast on country roads and had a bit of difficulty maintaining his place on the pavement.

I had made a beer run to the little store up the road and while returning (Me puttzing along at 35 mph) some Schmuck passed me in the middle of a series of hills damn near forcing me off the road to avoid being sideswiped. I gave him a genial 1 finger wave and wished him a nice day while hoped to myself that he would soon die of painful rectal itch or some rabid weasels would take up residence in his crotch.

So it didn't surprise me some 2-3 miles later to crest a hill and see that same car sitting cross the road all smashed to shit with steam rising from the crushed radiator.

Seems he'd crested that hill way to fast and in the middle of the road and there was a farm truck coming the other way.

Oooops! The farmer took to the ditch on his side and the Zombie kid over corrected, and went in the ditch on the other side and hit a tree or 2 ending up in the road about 60 feet from my driveway.

Being the dedicated ER type guy, I went and checked everyone out, while not to silently hoping that the driver had removed himself from the gene pool.
No such luck, he was fine.

He and his passenger were belted in and the airbags deployed, sparing them both major injury. The cops, Firemen, EMS and the "OH NO SQUAD" all showed up in short order and took control of things, packaging his fat, ugly passenger and transporting her to the ER.

The "OH NO SQUAD" shows up at any and all events like this. You know the type. They're the ones who stand around getting in the way of folks and muttering, "Oh No". Other Oh No Squad Members will always show up at the ER and cause a scene there while being a pain in the ass.

Don't be one of those people, OK?

Here's John Prine on, Accidents-

Got up early this morning and ran into town to get my pre-op blood work done. Looks like, KidK is bringing his log splitter over in a while and we should really get down to wood splitting.

Should be fun. It's always fun doing things with KidK and I'm a lucky guy to have a friend like him. Maybe I'll get a picture today of the wood pile or some boring shit like that.

OK. Enjoy your day I know that I will.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Morning-


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