Friday, October 08, 2010

Baby Taken From Family in New Hampshire, Why???????

Details are kinda sketchy at this point, but it appears that the State of New Hampshire stole a newborn away from the parents for...............No good reason really.

Seems dad is a a member of Oath Keepers. The link takes you to their statement about this.

I saw this at Mayberry's Place a few minutes ago and he links to another story on this Here.

As I mentioned in the comments at Mayberry's place, there ARE legitimate reasons to take a newborn from the parents. But they are damn few. Being a member of Oath Keepers sure the hell ain't one of them.

There fer damn sure better be more to this or.............. Something bad, Something real bad, should fall on everyone involved.

I'll post any news I find about this. It's just this kind of shit that becomes the little pebble that starts the avalanche.
Hopefully, this doesn't get all twisted up by the media. I'm not gonna hold out much hope for that.
We'll have to be patient and see how this shakes out. But damn. If I was that kids dad I'd be hard pressed to not begin taking scalps.

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