Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unusual Sunday...............
Had a snowstorm going on last night when I was coming home. So much for Spring in Southern Indiana!
Work schedule shifted some today so I will be going in at 3pm till 3am. Oh well.
It screws things up bad when someone calls off work and the night shift gets the shaft more often than not.

Couple of things for ya to read and think about today.
From The American Digest - Presence of Malice: Against the Conservative Portrait of the President

If your Tinfoil hat is loose this will probably make you wonder a bit-
It’s Tracking Your Every Move and You May Not Even Know

Interesting perspective here & you be the judge on how you fit in-
What Is The Quiet Fear That Troubles Us All?

Great pop/rock song here. Wish I could write tunes like this. Note all the chord changes and such. No 3 chords and an attitude here-

Gratuitous Picture for a Sunday Afternoon-


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