Friday, March 11, 2011

Looking to Buy a Motorcycle?????????????
With fuel costs going up as they are lots of folks are talking about it.
Here's one going up for sale that might interest some of you.

1967 Honda RC174

"ex-Mike Hailwood

One of two in existence and the only one in private ownership

Without doubt the most important racing motorcycle in the world."

That there's sorta the Holy Grail for racebike collectors. Lord knows how much this thing will sell for, but you can be damn sure it's gonna be a LOT.

Spend a few minutes and read the description at the link above.
Then go read This Story of how an RC174 was reverse engineered to build a replica.
Absolutely fascinating what they found and what lengths Honda Racing Company went to to win.
I remember reading this story in Motorcyclist Magazine and have never quite gotten over it. Great story.
Go read it, even if you're not into mechanical things, you'll enjoy it.

I was unable to find the photos I remember from the original article, but here's a disassembled RC166 to give you an idea of just what all these guys had to fabricate to recreate the motor-


Granted, no one I know is gonna be buying that Hailwood RC174, but at the same site they're auctioning a bitchin' 1962 Matchless G50 that was owned by John Surtees (Yeah, if you're not familiar with him, go read about his BadAss self.)

Better hurry. I believe the auction is 2 days from now.
RC 166 pic from here.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Night-
Video Edition.
Here's what an RC 166 sounds like.

Honda made a 125cc FIVE Cylinder. Listen to this little bastard-


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