Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It Doesn't Have to Make Sense, Joe......

But it is quite obvious that all the "Tea Party is Racist" Bullshit is not a random event.

Joe is confused and asks- "I continue to be amazed at the escalating war on the "Tea Party". How in the world is it racist to ask the Government to live within its means? How is it racist to want to keep my own hard-earned money? Why is it wrong to advocate for lower taxes, smaller Government and less regulation?"

Having followed Joe for awhile, I know that this is a rhetorical question and that he knows damn well what is going on.

Apparently, the Leftists think this line of attack, "Tea Party=Racist!" must work or they wouldn't keep it up.
Hell, there's probably data that confirms this is true.

And it's just getting started. Remember the White House Insider links I had here a week or so ago?
If you read them, then you'd remember this -
"....The race card, the racial thing – whatever it’s gonna be called, it is the number one asset this administration believes it has to win in 2012. Their own polling data has shown that to be true over and over again. But how far are they willing to push that? Race. The charges of racism? I believe all the way if they have to. And they are gonna get people stirred up."

And so they are-
Andre Carson: Tea party wants blacks 'hanging on a tree'

Rep. Frederica Wilson: ‘The Real Enemy is the Tea Party’

Here's a great little article for you to read.
Concise and covers it well.

If you only read one thing today about the- "Tea Party=Racist!" Bullshit, read this one-
Data Points for your consideration

Lots of interesting observations and something I encourage you to read.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Evening-
H/T - AoS

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