Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet George Howard...............

He may be a stupid SOB, but He's A Real Man!

"59-Year-Old Guy Busted For Driving, Drinking Beer, Having Sex At Same Time"

"Kentuckian George Howard is facing several criminal charges following his arrest this morning for allegedly engaging in some illegal automotive multitasking........

Cops say that Howard, 59, was having difficulty controlling the auto because he was simultaneously driving, drinking a beer, and having sex with his 53-year-old female passenger (whose head was buried between Howard’s legs).............

Howard’s companion, who was not arrested, tried to hide a beer under her dress as police approached. When Howard exited the car, “his pants fell to the ground."

Yep, he gets ManPoints for the attempt.

Most of those get deducted for being unable to maintain his vehicle and the rest for his subsequent arrest.

Net loss of points so he doesn't qualify for - "Cool ManShit Hall of Fame" votes.

But hey, a guy doesn't just start dumbass behavior like this at 59 years old. So he should get some points for surviving for this long.

H/T to Doug Ross

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Morning-


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