Sunday, November 20, 2011

Because We Want to help..............

It still amazes me that there are people in the USA who look to the EU as something to aspire to and emulate-
EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration

"Brussels bureaucrats were ridiculed yesterday after banning drink manufacturers from claiming that water can prevent dehydration.....

EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation, there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact.

Producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from making the claim and will face a two-year jail sentence if they defy the edict, which comes into force in the UK next month."

I love the part where it took them 3 FRIGGEN YEARS (of government funded study or tax dollars) to come to this erroneous conclusion.
And in true dictatorial fashion, they impose jail time on those who
1) State a completely true fact
2) Disagree with the morons who came up with this shit.

It's good to see that they are being ridiculed, but I didn't see anything about them rescinding this horseshit or where any of those responsible were strung up on a lamp post.

From the the - "It takes a Village to Steal Your Child" school of thought, comes this,
via Radley Balko - Your Government-Taking-a-Child-Away-From-Her-Parents Story of the Week
Follow the link there and get furious.
Yep. They're smarter than you and they will do whatever the hell they want. Including, Stealing Your Children.
Christmas is coming. Make a list and check it twice.

Gotta run & get my shit together for work.

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