Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bad News on the Medical Front.........
Got a call this morning from the Doc's office. Lab work done yesterday was funky. Go to the hospital for a stat CT Scan.

Good news/Bad news-
Good news- I don't have an ulcer after all.
Bad news- I have some sort of Cancer in my gut.

More scans and scopes over the next few days to figure out where the primary site is and what the treatment will be.


That's all I know right now and I'm gonna be busy over the next few days getting all the tests.
I'll let ya know something when I figure out what's happening.

Guess I don't have to feel guilty for taking those pain pills after all, eh? I got a feeling me and Mr Narcotic pills gonna become real close friends in the future.

I'm just trying to digest all this in my head right now.
Talk to ya later.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Afternoon-


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