Friday, February 10, 2012

We're From the Government and We're Here.............
"To make sure you never get your life back together."
Warning - Harsh Language coming up.

Feds pursue suicidal vet
"The federal government broke a promise, according to the lawyer for a Navy veteran facing criminal firearms charges after he called for help on what is promoted as a confidential suicide prevention hotline"....

"Duvall, a Persian Gulf War veteran, was despondent and contemplating suicide after being evicted from his apartment in June, according to his motion to dismiss filed in Roanoke federal court. He wandered the streets of Blacksburg, sometimes sleeping on the ground.

Among his few belongings, Duvall carried a homemade gun consisting of a short length of pipe with a cap allowing a nail to serve as a firing pin for a shotgun shell. Duvall built the device for the sole purpose of taking his own life, according to his lawyer...."

Now this poor guy is already homeless and depressed enough to build a weapon to kill himself with. But he has his shit together enough to make a call for help to a, Confidential VA Suicide Hotline hoping he can get his head turned around.
The local cops show up, he gives them the device and he got to spend a few days in the Psych Hospital where they got him hooked up on meds, got him a
councilor for follow up, he even got a new job and a place to live.

Guy gets a new start and things are turned around for him.
That's a win right?
Well, it should have been till some Rotten Son of a Bitch in the U. S. Attorneys Office decided he
shouldn't get that opportunity to resume a normal life-

"The same call for help also brought trouble. Duvall first was charged with a misdemeanor – carrying a concealed weapon. Then the federal authorities stepped in.

Duvall now faces four federal felony charges with a possible punishment of 40 years in prison. All four charges are based on the one crude homemade shotgun. Duvall is accused of possessing an unlawful destructive device, possessing an unregistered firearm, manufacturing a destructive device and possessing a destructive device without a serial number."

Now just how big of a CockSucker do you have to be to make the decision to destroy a
guys life like that? If you read the article, you'll notice that there are no names associated with the U S Attorneys Office there. That's wrong. Whoever the ShitStain was that made the decision to prosecute this poor fella should be punished.
Not just lose his job punished either.

At the least he should be shunned and ridiculed by decent folks everywhere whenever he leaves his house.
True justice would involve a tire iron applied to multiple joints repeatedly and with force by a big Strong Marine Vet.

Damn, this sort of shit just sets me right the fuck into orbit.
How many Vets with problems are gonna see this and just say, "Fuck it." And then just go ahead and kill themselves instead of making that call for help?
One can only hope that Karma gets off his ass and lays a bad case of Rectal cancer on this slimy Little RatBastard ASAP.

That's the Eric Holder Justice Department in action for ya.
William Shakespeare had it right a long time ago -
"The first thing we must do is kill all the lawyers"

Well, at least some of them.
H/T to Say Uncle

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