Thursday, August 11, 2005

Seems like work to me.

Looking to start the link collection on here as a reference for others who may be interested in the Concours or Old British motorcycles. There are a bloody zillion sites out there and I was hoping to consolidate a bunch of them here for easy access.

Keep in mind, I'm a total dork about how to do much of anything in the computer realm. I didn't see instructions in the Blogger Help section to do exactly what I wanted in setting up the sections. I was hoping to be able to make individual files for each topic, such as, Concours w/ subgroups for general interest sites, Technical links, etc. Same thing w/ the British Bike thing.

Looks like it's gonna be a bit more work for me ........... So it'll take some time for me to figure out.

But, it's 10 am and I OUGHT to be out in the garage fixing the lawn tractor and not farting around in here w/ this. Oh well. My sense of duty is overriding my desire to dick around inside, in the AC. So, I'm heading out to sweat like a $2 Ho on Fleet Week, instead of learning the vital instructions on linking.

It took me longer than most people to totally engage in the "Responsibility Thing", so I better not ignore my duty. Uughhh ... It's nasty, hot out in that Garage. Better steal a fan from somewhere.

Update - Fixed the tractor right smartly and even cut the front yard! It's HOT out and I'm gonna give it a break to cool down, then I'll go cut some more.

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