Friday, September 30, 2005

The Downfall of The United States is Eminent..........

And the Chinese are laughing at us.

How, you ask, would I know this? Simple. We are Friggin' wimps! Look at the destruction caused by the recent hurricanes. Terrible, awful and unfortunate. All this damage from storms with names like Katrina and Rita.

Shit. Look what the Chinese named their latest typhoon - LONGWANG!! Now tell me those Bastards aren't laughing.

Check the link:

See, I did not make this shit up. Typhoons routinely kill people in the thousands over in that part of the world. But the ChiComs aren't worried about it that damn bad are they? Longwang indeed.

OK, these events may appear to be random and have no connection whatever. And that's probably the case. But shit, how could I not make a post about a typhoon named Longwang?

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