Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm Young and I Will Be Daring Enough to Be an Individual! ......... Just like All My Dumbass Friends.

Yep, Nothin' Pa likes more than to see a group of "individuals" all gathered together, looking alike. Nothin' says "Individual" like everyone in the group looking the same.

This is not a new phenomena by any means. We had Friggin Nehru Jackets and Bell Bottoms. And Paisley, can't forget Paisley.

But kids could move on from trend to trend as things changed (and believe me they will) without any lasting evidence or damage from their stupidity and collective Coolness attempts, while being Trend Puppies.

Which brings me to Tattoos. Or if you wish ........ Body Art. All the hip, cool and best Bands during the early 60's wore butt ugly shit fer clothes. And a whole bunch of folks who tried to identify with them, wore that Dumbass shit too. Try finding an original "Mod Cap, or Nehru Jacket" anywhere now. Aint gonna have to much luck. There's a reason for that, Skippy. That crap made just about everyone who ever wore it look like Fido's Ass. That crap came and went fast - Thank God.
All trends should have a timestamp on them with a tag that shows when the coolness factor expires. That would've helped a bunch of Morons in the past. And it would certainly help a bunch of the Morons out there now even more.

You do see where this is going, right? Pa would hope so; but no one ever went broke betting on human stupidity yet.
You can change your outfit. Your Hair. Your Friends. Accessories and vehicles. Your Attitude and Your music choices. But one thing you cannot do is -

You cannot wash a G** D**N Tattoo off, DUMBASS !!

And just because you like it now doesn't mean a damn thing. Times change and people change. Most of you will too, hopefully. No really, I mean that in the nicest possible way. Or at least as nicely as I get anyway. The Tattoo thing is certainly not a trend that has confined it'self to the younger crowd either. And believe me - Nuthin' looks better to Pa, than a fat, middle aged woman, with a big friggin' Unicorn inked on her leg. Or worse yet, her tit. So I'm not picking on any one particular demographic group here. Feel better now?

Now, when you combine the Tattoos with a bunch of piercings - Oh yeah, that really completes the ensemble. I can already hear the squeals of "You're judging me on the way I look. Not for who I am!"

Yeah, No Shit. Whether you realise it or not, that's what ALL people do until they get a chance to "Know who you are". You may be the nicest, smartest and best person on the friggin planet but if you look like a Doofus, people will think you're a Doofus.

Oh Yeah, I especially like those big ear plugs that make a hole in your ear lobe big enough that you could put a spark plug in them. Combine that with a collection of metal stickpins, stuck thru your face in various places and a few Tribal Tattoos ...... Oh hell yes. Nothing says "I have no will of my own." Or, "I will do anything to be cool", quicker. And yes, like it or not, people will make judgements about your characture and common sense, based only on the simple fact that you are stupid enough to permanantly disfigure yourself for the sake of being accepted as cool. I know it's shallow, Skippy, but that's the way it is.

And think about who those Bastards are that are gonna be making those judgements too. Potential Employers. That's a good place to start. Like it or not, most of you will need to be employed and support yourselves and families. If those employers are given a choice between two, equally qualified candidates ....... Who do you think they're gonna hire? Especially if it's a job where there is a lot of face time with the publik? - "Let's see here. We could hire Fuckin' Leatherface with the stainless steel antennae sticking out of his face everywhere and the Tattoos all over......... Or we could hire this guy who is not likely to immediately alienate the folks we're trying to separate from they're money? Hmmmmmmmmm" Gee, put yourself in their place for a second and see if you can figure it out.

So it can have a very bad effect on your employment opportunities and subsequent earning potential. That alone should make you consider long and hard about how badly you want that second eyebrow piercing. It may well effect you negatively for life. God forbid, an Asshole like you may have kids someday, but it will negatively effect them too if you're not earning up to your potential because you want to look cool now. Most of you Dumbass's will live longer than you think. And the longer you live, the more your attitudes and outlook on things will change with time. Trust me. Being a Rob Zombie look alike may seem like a great idea now........ Not a great career move.

I could go on with this shit for days. There are so many more reasons to not disfigure yourself for the sake of being accepted as a member of the
"Borg collective of Individuals that all Look Alike".
If you want to be a true individual - Don't follow the crowd.

OK Kids, That's the first installment in the series of - "Pa's Shit to Think About".

This was a request rant for TherapyBoy. Not my usual but it was fun, none the less.


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