Sunday, August 28, 2005

Security Breech !!!!

There I was sleeping soundly this afternoon, when there came a pounding on the door. Ordinarily, I don't hear when someone "Knocks" on the door while I'm sleeping. This wasn't knocking, it was pounding.

Repeatedly. Aggressively.

I got my sleepy arse out of the sack and answered the door, only to find 2 representatives of the Jehovahs Witness Cult.

Holy Crap! How'd they find me. After all the years I've spent in the Jehovahs Witness Protection Program my cover had been blown and there they were.

I've got the bodies stashed pretty well and it's unlikely that anyone will find them anytime soon but it's back on the run for me. Those treacherous Bastards will never give up.

I work nights. Lots of them. I don't like being disturbed during the few hours of sleep I can get. And these HappyAss Bozos tried to give a copy of their magazine called ........... "AWAKE!"

Yeah, I pointed that little bit of irony out to them.........
Right before I killed 'em.


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